Newest Work

This body of work repeats an image of a rainbow or Wi-Fi symbol, both of which exist as borderline immaterial, conceptually abstract entities that contain vast amounts of information – a full spectrum of color or worldwide connectivity at the click of a finger. They both impose rules on a person’s body positioning, manipulating movements that affect visibility and accessibility – exit the cafe doors and you lose connection, search for the end of a rainbow and it disappears.

I am interested in rendering an image illegible by stacking layers of paint on top of each other like a Photoshop file, oftentimes resulting in dark, murky colors. Sanding the surface gives a slight glimpse at the construction process that formulated the image, but is never revealed in its entirety.  Often resisting photographic capture, the paintings refuse to be seen, but they also announce their “invisibility” as a performative gesture. Cover-ups and layering become content as the final images transform in to aggressively redacted documents, broken phone screens, or tinted windows. Creating an art object is to make something that is constantly surveilled, scrutinized and measured. The viewers gaze becomes the surveillance camera or full body scanner at the airport – constantly searching for something to be wrong, revealing or suspicious.  My paintings perform abstraction and invisibility as a device to bring up issues of privacy, censorship and surveillance in contemporary society.